Geneva Group International

A group of independent chartered accounting and law firms around the world. The headquarters is in Switzerland and the administrative office for North America is located in Boston.

Geneva Group International

A strong presence in today’s international markets is vital to any business. For this reason, international contacts are critical. In-depth understanding of the legal and tax differences between countries is an asset for companies when it comes to succeeding in international markets.

To build an international presence, companies need access to professional experts in every country. Geneva Group International (GGI) is a global alliance of chartered accounting firms and well-established and experienced legal counsel who are committed to providing customers with solutions for their international business needs.

Here’s how our affiliation with Geneva Group International (GGI) benefits us:

  • A global alliance covering every audit, tax, management, financial and legal service
  • Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 accounting firm associations (Accounting Magazine, London & Accounting Age, London)
  • All members are carefully selected through a rigorous selection process
  • The highest standards
  • GGI allows local independent firms to act globally without losing their independence
  • More than 320 members with more than 520 offices worldwide
  • Presence in more than 90 countries
  • A staff of more than 17,620 employees
  • US$4.215 billion in accumulated fee income in 2010
  • The largest multidisciplinary network worldwide

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